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All core benchmarking features are free to participating schools


Note that all the core benchmarking capabilities in Data Navigator are provided free of charge to participating schools.

Upgradable features are marked with a golden star .

Upgradeable features include the forecasting tools and a few features that either rely on third-party purchased data (eg the segmentation data) or that are computationally or otherwise expensive to provide or maintain.

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The current version of the tool is for the survey that collected data for the school year ended 2022. In December 2023, we will launch the survey to collect financial and operational data for the school year ended 2023. Shortly after the tool for the 2023 edition becomes available we will retire the 2022 edition.

The prices are for one edition, that is for the data for one school year and for the dashboard for that school year from you subscribe until shortly after the next edition becomes available.

Because the 2022 edition of the tool is available for a shorter than usual period and because it does not have year-on-year changes (being the first time we run the survey) the upgrade cost is substantially lower.

Upgrade costs for the Data Navigator dashboard product
Data Navigator product 2022 2023
Core for participating schools Free Free
Enhanced for participating schools £300 £1,250
Core-lite1 for non-participating schools £250 £250

The year refer to the end of the school year for the data collection. Participating schools are those that completed the survey for that year.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

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  1. The product for non-participating schools of course show only the benchmark data, not the school itself, and many of the filters are non-functional since there is no own school for comparison.↩︎