What are the benefits of participating?


Allan Engelhardt


9 June 2023

What are the benefits of participating?

We understand that completing yet another survey is difficult to prioritise and bursars have rightly asked about the benefits of participating.

Note that all the core benchmarking capabilities in Data Navigator are provided free of charge to participating schools.

Benefits of participating first year

By participating in this first survey you will be able to see your own year-on-year changes and how they compare with benchmarks as soon as the tool launches after the December 2023 survey. If you don’t complete this 2022 survey, we will not have your year-on-year changes to display.

Key advantages of this proposition

  • This is a joint proposition with ISBA, which means that ISBA has access to the data and will over time build a valuable resource for the industry.
  • It has been developed with bursars and for bursars and will continue to be developed over the next decades based on bursar feedback. Both BW and ISBA are in this for the long haul.
  • For the bursars it provides material benefits, including:
    • A modern interactive dashboard to explore the data and insights and produce quality graphics for governors and other stakeholders.
    • Ability to define your own benchmark groups at the touch of a button. Compare with what is relevant for you while still preserving commercial confidentiality. “No consultants required.”
    • Your core forecasting and scenario planning built in for your business plan developments.

We believe it represents a major step forward for the sector.