Manual completion

2022 Survey

2022 Survey

Ollie Waterfall


7 September 2023

This document is designed to give those completing the Survey element of the Data Navigator the opportunity to manually record inputs prior to loading them into the online Survey. We have implemented this following feedback from those that have completed the process.

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Each question is numbered and listed as in the online survey itself. Beneath each question in this guide further information has been provided indicating the type of information that is required and why we are asking the question. In the survey itself, further information can be found by hovering over the ⓘ icon.

If you do not have answers for a question, please leave these blank or feel free to contact the help team as for help and guidance.

This is the guide for the survey launched in 2023 covering the school year ending summer 2022.

The guide booklet was last modified on Tuesday 26 March 2024.

Download the manual entry booklet