Benchmark histograms


10 August 2023

Example histogram benchmark plot

Histograms are used extensively to present benchmark data throughout the Data Navigator for Schools dashboard.

They always display a single data item (value), though the data shown may be derived from other data (eg Net fees per pupil is a single data item derived from gross fees, concessions, and number of pupils).

Histograms bin the data, that is, they show the count of records where the data item falls within each bin. The width of the bin is determined automatically by the code from the range of data and the number of records; there is no way for the user to change that.

The title and any text accompanying the histogram will describe what data item is being shown.

The x-axis (abscissa) shows the value of the the data. Hovering on any of the histogram bars (or benchmark triangles) will display a pop-up with the detailed values.


The y-axis (ordinate) shows the number of benchmark schools in that bin of the histogram.

The light blue bars show the count of records where the data item fall within the range of the bin. You can hover on the blue bar to see the precise count and bin range. The gap between the bars are purely cosmetic to make the display look nicer: there are no gaps between the bins.

Light blue bars

The three triangles at the bottom of the x-axis show summary statistics:

Benchmark summary statistics
Symbol Meaning
In purple, the value of the data item for your school.
In green, the median value from the benchmark group.
In red-ish, the mean value from the benchmark group.