2023 Survey Terms

2023 Survey

1 December 2023

The “2023 Survey Terms” are available from the link below (PDF).

2023 Survey Terms

The wording in the survey linking to this is:

The survey terms and conditions (Survey Terms) available at https://datanavigator.barnett-waddingham.co.uk/contract/2023-Survey-Terms.html are a legally binding agreement between the school on whose behalf you are completing this survey (the School) and Barnett Waddingham LLP (BW). The Survey Terms govern the School’s use of, access to and participation in the Survey and what BW (and it Affiliates) may do with the responses and data provided to BW. By clicking ‘accept’ you warrant that you have the legal power to enter into the Survey Terms, on behalf of the School, and that the School agrees and accepts the Survey Terms. Please note in particular the limitations on liability contained in clause 7 of the Survey Terms. The Survey Terms are a business to business agreement and should not be entered into by consumers.