2022 deadline for completing the survey


Allan Engelhardt


20 June 2023

The sooner you complete the survey, the sooner you get access to the tool.

As soon as we have a reasonable number of responses, we will send instructions on how to access the tool to those who have completed the survey.

I hope to see you all on that first group of users!

Reminder of the process:

  1. We invite all ISBA member schools to complete a confidential and secure survey.
  2. Once we have enough responses to ensure anonymity and commercial confidence, we process the survey responses to enable benchmarking.
  3. We send a link to the BW ISBA free benchmarking interactive data analysis tool Data Navigator for Schools to every school who has completed the survey. The tool is accessed through our secure portal.
  4. As more responses come in, we will update the benchmark data and give those schools their access to the tool.
  5. This is the survey for the school year ended summer 2022. It stays open until December when we invite you to the 2023 survey. We will run the survey every year from December.

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