Marketing and attraction rates on Marketing page


19 September 2023

Comparators to choose from

For general information on how to read a benchmark histogram, see here.


Plot controls For general information on how to use the plot controls, see here.

This plot shows the distribution of various marketing and attraction rates for different age groups. The data is taken from 25. Admissions information relating to places in the current school year from 1 September.

The Age group drop down let’s you choose which age group or the entire school to look at:

Age group drop down

The First and Second comparator let’s you choose two different variables, for which you can the compare the rate.

Comparators to choose from

The rate is calculated as:

\[ Rate = First \space comparator / Second \space comparator \]

The plot then shows the distribution of the selected rate for the benchmark, with your school highlighted along with the mean and median.